Spiral-Up Talks: Explore & Enjoy!

Seashell Healing Power


Discover the Power of Seashell Healing--my all-time favorite form of energy healing because it is super-fast, easy, gentle, deep, and oh-so-sweet!

Seashell & Crystal Healing Demonstration


Join Zabe and Beloved for a seashell-crystal experience. As you watch, ask to experience what Beloved is sensing--the healing is available for you, too!

And More . . .

Soul Magic Discovery


Discover the true essence of your soul brilliance as you learn new ways to connect with your own unique and precious soul magic.

Experience Soul Retrieval


Experience thirteen soul retrievals through the 13 chambers of the heart as you discover how soul loss occurs and what you can do to call back those lost parts of yourself that may have been missing for lifetimes.

Aligning with Universal Law


Discover the 105 Universal Laws which are the User's Guide for Life. When we align with them, life is graceful and easy . . .

Surviving Ascension



If you are experiencing "Ascension Symptoms," this will help with what is really a DESCENSION process of higher energies coming into our physical bodies.

How I Healed Depression and Mood Swings


After more than forty years of debilitating depression, mood swings, and PTSD, spiritual dark-nights-of-the-soul, years of ineffective talk therapy, psychoanalysis and medication, here is what ultimately worked to bring long-term, consistent contentment and inner peace--for me and for others.

Ready to Go Deeper? Let's Talk!

Ask specifically for a Complimentary Consultation in your message so that I know you are not trying to set up a paid session. These sessions are intended for people who are ready to invest time, energy, and resources into working with me but who have questions about specific classes or are not sure which offering to choose.

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*Elizabeth (Zabe) Barnes is neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues. Her sessions do not take the place of medical advice or treatment as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. You are solely responsible for seeking and following your own medical treatment and care.

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