Exploring 3-D, 4-D & 5-D Realities

Key Points to Follow as You Listen

3-D Awareness

  • Victim of circumstances.
  • Being powerless, controlled by others.
  • Like being tossed around in the ocean on an inner tube.
  • What others do creates your reality.
  • Murphy's Law rules in this dimension--the bread always falls peanut-butter-side-down.
  • The past rules the present and the future.

4-D Awareness

  • Cause and effect.
  • Conditionality: If I do this then this will happen . . .
  • Transactional tit-for-tat relationships.
  • Forcing outcomes; making things happen.
  • Karma rules this dimension.
  • Work hard to manifest desired results.
  • Like crossing the ocean in a row boat or motor boat that churns up the water and creates waves.
  • Action and control are the keys to success.
  • What you think and do determines your reality.
  • Strategy of Discipline: following the steps of others who have achieved what you desire.
  • Living life according to someone else's SHOULDS.
  • Serves as a stepping stone into 5-D.

5-D Awareness

  • A state of BEING, not DOING.
  • Living in a state of grace and ease.
  • Going with the flow.
  • Empowered surrender.
  • Being guided from within.
  • Following your joy.
  • Allowing things to unfold instead of forcing them.
  • Being in the NOW.
  • Like gliding across the ocean in a sailboat with minimal effort required to guide the boat.
  • Being of true service aligned with soul knowing.
  • Through ONENESS and connection we always have what we need when we need it.
  • Freedom from so-called Black Magic.
  • Transcending karma through Divine Grace.

Fast & Easy Ways to Align with 5-D Living

Mystical Awakening


Activate and empower your quantum DNA as you connect with your unique inner magic and your capacity to experience miracles with grace and ease.

5 Private Sessions

12 Empowerment Activations

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Remembering Deep Peace of Heart


Learn to identify and clear the three core poisons which are the cause of all suffering. Tap directly into the Heart of ALL where love, peace and joy are all that is.  

6 Private Sessions

6 Empowerment Activations

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Become a Seashell Shaman


Receive 185+ energy activations and initiations to exponentially expand your healing, manifestation and soul empowerment energies and abilities. Receive more than 200 healing and self-healing techniques that are easy to use and remember so that you can move into 5-D reality any time you find yourself in 3-D or 4-D.

12 Private Sessions

193+ Empowerment Activations

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The Ascension Spirals


These are the newest, most advanced spirals that I offer. They are for anyone who has already experienced the 5th Dimension and wants to spend more time there with greater consistency.

8 Private Sessions

31 Empowerment Activations

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