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Spiral Up with Seashell Alchemy

Spiral Up with Seashell AlchemySpiral Up with Seashell Alchemy

Welcome to New Ways to Spiral Up

Anything is Possible When You Know How!

  • Whole Soul Healing
  • Full Love
  • Joyful Being
  • Magical Manifesting
  • Grace-Full Ascension
  • Multi-Dimensional Expansion

Ancient Sacred Wisdom + Cutting Edge Transformation

Here you will find a unique blend of teachings and activation tools to support body, mind, heart and soul for spiritual seekers, healing practitioners & teachers, light-workers, starseeds, and mermaids (merfolk) at heart.


Vortex Portals for Empowered Being

When used correctly, seashell spirals offer deep connection and immediate energetic support for:

  • Healing & Self-Healing
  • Love and Self-Love
  • Soul Magic Discovery
  • Easy Integration of Ascension Energies
  • Enlightened Soul Brilliance
  • Rich Prosperity
  • Being of Service to Others

They teach us to  SPIRAL UP with HEART, SPIRAL WIDE with IMPACT and SPIRAL DEEP with SOUL!

A First Seashell Experience!

Witness first-hand what happens when a fellow seashell lover and mermaid at heart experiences Seashell Healing for the first time . . . .

New Book on Seashell Healing!

A Deep Dive Into Seashell Healing & Seashell Magic



Metaphysical Properties of 200+ Crystals from the Sea

A Full Illustrated Reference Guide:  300pages with 215 illustrations

Now available in three formats

Experience Seashell Alchemy


Get the FREE Seashell Healing E-Book

Get the FREE Seashell Healing E-Book

Get the FREE Seashell Healing E-Book

Discover the power of Seashell Healing--my favorite way to heal! 

In it you will discover four shells to help you spiral up to new energies for 

  • Healing
  • Vitality
  • Physical Clearing
  • Love

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And keep spiraling up!


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Get the FREE Seashell Healing E-Book

Get the FREE Seashell Healing E-Book

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