Whole Healing and Soul Magic Discovery: Ascension Made Easy

Welcome! This is a place for empowered ascension and Grace-Full awakening. 

Here you will discover a unique blend of ancient sacred wisdom and fresh new ways to spark multi-dimensional shifts at soul level. 

A New Way to Spiral Up!

Seashells are powerful ascension tools for spiritual awakening. 

They spark fast, deep, conscious stellar-shifts within that tap directly into the spiraling dance of the cosmos through which we can fully live with Grace, Joy, and Ease.

Vortex Portals for Empowered Being

When used correctly, seashell spirals offer deep connection and immediate energetic support for:

  • Healing & Self-Healing
  • Love and Self-Love
  • Soul Magic Discovery
  • Graceful Ascension
  • Enlightened Soul Brilliance

They teach us to ascend, expand and deepen multi-dimensional access so that we can spiral up with heart, spiral wide with impact and spiral deep with soul!

Experience Seashell Alchemy

The Seashell Healing Empowerment Book


Metaphysical Properties of 200+ Crystals from the Sea, The Ultimate Illustrated Reference. Now available in three formats. 294 pages with 215 illustrations. Includes shell names, meanings and images of shells plus best practices for healing with seashells including how to blend them with earth-crystals for best results.   

$22 and up

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