Guide to the Metaphysical Properties of Seashells

The Ultimate Illustrated Reference

Seashells are crystals from the sea that serve as magical, empowering tools for energy healing, intuitive awakening and spiritual deepening. Their spirals act as lightning-fast conduits for profound change, sparking a graceful transformation of energies at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. When used correctly, seashell spirals offer immediate energetic support for:

        * Whole Healing

        * Enlightened Soul Knowing

        * Graceful Ascension into Joyful Living

Seashell Healing is an ancient healing modality that is reawakening on earth at this time. Known and practiced in Lemuria and Atlantis, this sacred knowledge has resurfaced now to support Earth's spiral-up process of Awakening. 

Dive deep into the sacred knowledge of seashell shamans, seashell mystics and seashell alchemists as you learn to joyfully spiral up with heart, spiral wide with impact and spiral deep with soul!  

Includes 215 seashell images, descriptions of the metaphysical properties of each shell, and recommended protocols for specific healing goals as well as earth-crystal combinations to use with each shell.

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Black & White Paperback Book

Metaphysical Properties of 215 Crystals from the Sea

After a lifetime of playing and healing with seashells, the Seashell Healing Book is finally here!

Watch this short video to learn all of the ways seashells support whole healing and empowered being.

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Black & White Illustrated Paperback

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Black & White Illustrated Paperback

Black & White Illustrated Paperback

Black & White Illustrated Paperback

For traditional book lovers who want to hold a book in their hands and prefer to save on printing costs with black-and-white images. (You can look up color images of most of the seashells online by googling each shell name.)


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Color Illustrated E-Book

Black & White Illustrated Paperback

Color Illustrated E-Book

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This is the best value for those who choose to go paperless. The color images come to life on the screen. You can download it to your devices and even access it from your phone any time you want to look up a seashell. Plus you help save the trees.

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Find out the energetic differences (and similarities) between the color and black & white print editions.

The print books have healing infused into their pages so that you can sleep with them. My friend Beloved shares her first experiences with the books.


Download a pdf excerpt of the book which includes seven seashells to support healing, abundance, awareness and more.

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