Private & Small Group Online Classes

Seashell Shaman Certification Course


Consciously harness the spiraling power of creation to create vortex portals for healing and magical manifesting. Discover how we worked with seashell spirals in Atlantis and Lemuria as you learn fast, easy and joyful transformation. 

12 private sessions

More than 200 Empowerment Activations

3 Bonus Recorded Courses

Do-It-Yourself Soul Retrieval


Unlock the deepest mysteries of lightning-fast Soul Retrieval, a fast and easy method that you can use for yourself and for others; in fact, you can build a whole healing practice around it! Learn to call back lost soul parts from all lifetimes through the 13 Chambers of the Heart for deep, long-lasting empowerment.  

6 private sessions

13 Empowerment Activations

Divine Alchemy


Clear the core poisons of shame, blame and guilt to access deep peace of heart. Discover how to activate and empower your quantum DNA as you connect with your unique inner magic and your capacity to experience full mystical connection through the Heart of God.

5 private sessions

2 Bonus Recorded Courses

15 Empowerment Activations

Empowered Angel Healing & Channeling


Spiral Up to being a clear and empowered channel for Angel Healing and Angel Guidance--for yourself and for others. Develop an intimate relationship with your team of angels and know that you are never alone.

4 private sessions

9 Angel Activations

Whole Soul Coaching


Coaching Packages

Set up a complimentary conversation with Zabe to set up a coaching package that fits your specific goals.

Get Clear

Get Aligned

Get Empowered

Spiral Up with Heart

Spiral Deep with Soul

Spiral Wide with Impact

Lineage Classes and Coaching


  • Sacred Geometry (LL: all levels + teacher training)
  • DNA (all levels + teacher training)
  • DI Coaching
  • DM Coaching
  • Initiations of Mastery
  • High Magic Classes
  • Parallel Universes & the Gardens of Eden
  • The Mayan Medicine Wheel 
  • Advanced Sacred Geometry
  • "Psychic Surgery"
  • Colombian Vessels of Soul

Cosmic Awakening: Inter-Galactic Activations for Star Seeds


 Learn to facilitate lightning-fast inter-galactic psychic surgery, an empowered form of presence healing that you can use for yourself and for others, anytime, anywhere. Access star gates, wormholes, and dimensional gateways to bring through new energies to heal the earth.

Stellar Shift Healing Mastery Program


This comprehensive healing and self-healing program offers a new-paradigm method of shamanic "psychic surgery" to access higher & deeper dimensions and inter-galactic energies for grace-full whole healing and fully empowered well-being. In the past this level of training could only be taught in person; however, it is now possible to receive these energies at a distance in a way that fits your schedule and allows for deep and easy integration of these powerful energies.


*If you think you might like to work with me, 

take some time to explore the offerings above and then email me 

to set up a complimentary conversation to choose the best offering for you. 

(Put the words COMPLIMENTARY CONVERSATION in your email 

so that I know you are not trying to set up a paid session.)

Small Group Classes

Learn with Friends

Email me to learn more about setting up small-group learning experiences for friends and family.


     Zabe takes healing to a new level. She takes the complex and makes it easy to understand. Her teaching shines and flows with grace and is spiced with brilliance . . . Being in her classes lets knowledge become wisdom. Zabe is a world class healer and teacher.

                                  Starr Fuentes, Master Healer / Spiritual Teacher


Dimensional Mastery 2021


Join Zabe and other lineage teachers for a month-long intensive on a beautiful beach in Alabama. Course includes the advanced higher-dimensional teachings of the Mayan Curanderos. 

* Elizabeth (Zabe) Barnes is neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues. Her sessions do not take the place of medical advice or treatment as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. You are solely responsible for seeking and following your own medical treatment and care.

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