Mayan Lineage Classes

Private Online Trainings with Flexible Scheduling

I continue to support lineage practitioners and teachers in gaining new understanding of themselves and the teachings so that they can bring through their own creativity and carry the lineage work forward in alignment with their unique and precious soul magic.

Classes are custom-tailored to your individual learning and energy sensing style and you can ask as many questions as you like.

I offer lineage classes for current lineage students as private training by Zoom. Offerings include:

  • All levels of LL including MLL Cube and LL Teacher Training
  • DI Coaching/Review
  • Curandero Mastery Deep Dive
  • DM Coaching/Review
  • Accessing Parallel Universes
  • All levels of DNA including DNA Teacher Training
  • Spiritual High Magic Classes
  • Many other classes and Teacher Trainings--email me with requests.

Connect With Me

Email me to set up a complimentary Zoom call to see if we are a good match for lineage work. Mention LINEAGE CONSULTATION in your email so that I know you are not trying to set up a paid appointment.

Smoothing Out Your LL Waves

Discover my two favorite ways to enhance LL grids so that they:

  • Flow quickly, gently and easily without energetic entanglements.
  • Are aligned with Universal Law for easier manifestation.
  • No longer involve heavy processing to achieve the desired shift.

In the new paradigm, healing does not ever have to hurt!

*Elizabeth (Zabe) Barnes is neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues. Her sessions do not take the place of medical advice or treatment as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. You are solely responsible for seeking and following your own medical treatment and care.

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