How I Healed Depression & Mood Swings

After more than forty years of depression, mood swings and PTSD, countless dark-nights-of-the-soul, fifteen years of talk therapy, five years of psychoanalysis, eight years of medication, and 20 years of shamanic training, here is what ultimately worked to bring long-term, consistent contentment and inner peace.

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Suggested Support

Empowered Seashell Healing


Includes 185 healing cards and an mp3 recording with instructions for fast and easy well-being at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

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Seashell Shaman Certification


Take a deep dive into the energetic vortex-portals of seashell spirals. This comprehensive training is the fastest and easiest way I know to shift and uplift one's energies! All techniques are equally effective for self-healing and for facilitating healing for others.

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Remembering Deep Peace of Heart


Learn to identify and clear the three core poisons which are the cause of all suffering including blame, shame and guilt. Ultimately tap directly into the Heart of ALL where love, peace and joy are all that is.  

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Empowered Soul Retrieval


Listen to this free webinar to learn how soul loss affects mental well-being. You will receive 13 Soul Retrievals while you listen . . .

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The Ascension Spirals


This private training offers tools, techniques and energy activations to ease ascension symptoms and psychic pain. It gives keys for freeing oneself from "black magic" and karmic punishment.

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105 Universal Laws Made Easy


When you understand how the universe works, it becomes easy to trust in the divine order of creation and be more at peace with what is.

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