Healing, Guidance & Coaching Sessions

Activations, Healing & Soul Guidance

Private sessions with Zabe are available by phone or by Zoom and also through email + recorded activation attunements (depending on which type of session you choose). 

I work with a dynamic team of Light Beings, Ascended Masters, and Angels who bring through soul guidance and channeled messages to support your healing journey and soul evolution. 

Sessions may include soul guidance, channeled messages, healing and ascension activations, energetic healing, and self-healing empowerment techniques that you can use after the session is over. I will also recommend seashells for you to work with and will answer questions about your favorite shells as time allows.

Flexible Scheduling Available

I offer flexible scheduling. Email me with three days and times that work for you. BE SURE TO INDICATE YOUR TIME ZONE! We will find a meeting time that is perfect for you.

About Your Session with Zabe

The energies of the planet continue to speed up. 

This means that we can accomplish more in less time than we ever could before.

  • What is most important for you to know right now?

  • Which energies need to be untangled to support specific desired change?

  • And which spiral energy will we anchor into all layers of your energy body so that you may experience lasting change at soul level?

Through an inter-galactic, multi-dimensional clearing process that transcends time and space, activated seashell spirals untangle key energies that are creating stuckness and stagnation related to your chosen focus for the session.

The seashells bring through pertinent soul messages to reveal the single energy or energies that are most beneficial for you to embody at this time as the next step for you to embrace your unique and precious soul brilliance. This is a spiral energy that comes forward to be anchored throughout your body and energy field for ongoing support for the rest of your life.

Each session allows you to hold greater quantities of light. Together we seed spiraling vortex portals for grace and healing to flow through your energy field, we create space for new energies to amplify and support your purpose here on earth. 

Your light body is fortified with new roots of empowerment so that you may shine exponentially bright, expressing your innate Divinity in joyful new ways.

These energies are driven by purpose, delivering spiraling healing rays to the cause of disempowerment for a dramatically different way of being in the world. 

The seashell spiral energies go to the core of being, providing multilevel restructuring of your deep subconscious self. 

Recipients generally experience a quiet celebration of awareness as dazzling new light floods the auric field. This is accompanied by a mercurial movement of energy that penetrates so deep that it stills body and mind and holds the heart for lasting transformation. 

Scheduling Instructions: Email me with three days and times that work well for you. Be sure to include your time zone. 

Recorded Seashell Attunement Sessions

1-hr. Soul Mastery Activation Sessions

1-hr. Soul Mastery Activation Sessions


Choose which attunement you would like to receive and I will send it to you via e-mail in the form of a recording made just for you. Attunement includes activated printable seashell card, energy activation attunement, and a healing technique that you can use on yourself and on others. Choose from 52+ activation energies.

Perfect any time you need a boost or are ready to embrace a new way of being.


1-hr. Soul Mastery Activation Sessions

1-hr. Soul Mastery Activation Sessions

1-hr. Soul Mastery Activation Sessions


These longer, 1-hr. in-depth sessions allow for a broader focus and deeper dive into key energies for soul-guided expansion. Includes self-healing and energetic empowerment techniques that you can use for the rest of your life, whenever you are ready to spiral up even more. After your session, I continue to work with you energetically for three days in dream-time to deepen the energies and insights you received in your session.


     I felt the room fill with angels. Zabe's presence brings in an energy that is as safe and loving as the arms of Spirit. When your body, mind and spirit are expanding, when suddenly nothing at all seems to fit and the story of your life has become too confining for your soul to inhabit, Zabe assists in making the necessary adjustments at every level. 


                     Molly Parkes - Reiki Master Teacher / Rebirthing Facilitator


*Elizabeth (Zabe) Barnes is neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues. Her sessions do not take the place of medical advice or treatment as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. You are solely responsible for seeking and following your own medical treatment and care.

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