Empowered Seashell Healing

Includes 3 Decks, Instruction and Energy Activations

The All Can Heal system of working with seashell spirals is a fast, deep, and easy self-healing system. 

It is like having a shaman in your hands! Really it is like having 180+  shaman specialists.

These energies have changed my life and the lives of my students and clients. 

They were originally given during a three-day spiral out-of-body experience that occurred spontaneously while praying to the Blessed Mother. 

The healing spiral energies are now available in a user-friendly way that can be used for self-healing and for healing others.

You will receive three activated seashell card decks that picture my energetically enhanced and activated shells which bring through energies for:

  • Healing--supports physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.
  • Co-Creation--supports material manifestation and fast achievement of goals.
  • Soul Empowerment--supports your spiritual ascension process.

The healing is in the cards. You lay the cards on the body in specific layouts and allow the spirals to work in you and through you. 

You can use the cards and the techniques on yourself and on others.

This complete set of healing tools:

  • Is practical, handy, and easy to use.  
  • Is a great way for healers to heal themselves.  
  • Can be used for healing sessions with others and can be easily combined with other healing modalities.  
  • Brings through 180+ healing energies.  
  • Provides physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.  
  • Supports clear and successful co-creation in all areas of life.  

In this comprehensive introduction to Seashell Healing, you will discover for yourself the power of spirals that appear throughout nature and are fundamental building blocks of creation.  

With special guidance, you will re-member how these powerful healing tools were used in Lemuria and Atlantis as you receive a modern, practical way of working with seashell spirals.

You may also elect to receive energy activation empowerments to strengthen your connection to these spiral energies. 

If you choose this option, your hands will be activated to further enhance the healing energies embodied in the cards.

With Empowered Seashell Healing, anyone can learn to heal/transform themselves and others with these simple, powerful healing tools. 

This class is strongly recommended for all healing practitioners as well as for anyone in search of healing and personal empowerment!

Complete Course Includes:

  • 3 Decks: Seashell Healing, Seashell Co-Creation, and Seashell Soul Empowerment
  • A 1-hr. recording that teaches the best practices for working with the cards right away.
  • 3 Booklets telling about each card and shell in the deck, including the name of each shell and what it can be used for.
  • Energy Empowerment Activations (optional add-on) to enhance your ability to work more powerfully with the seashell spirals.


180+ Energetically Activated Cards

Like Having Your Own Personal Team of Shamans


Gain Access to the Energies of the Seashell Spirals Without Becoming a Collector!

The cards include images of my energetically activated shells so that the spiral healing energies are in the cards--you do not ever need the actual shells!

The cards amplify the energy of the spirals more than one-hundred times for exponential healing.

My students asked me to create a deck of cards with photos of my activated seashells.I created three:  one for Healing, one for Co-Creation/Manifestation, and one for Soul Empowerment.I

t's like having a big team of your own personal shamans in your hands--place the cards on your body and receive a healing! 

In all you will receive 180+ different seashell healing cards plus a 1-hr. mp3 recording about how to work with the cards for best results.


3 Decks + Recorded Seashell Course (Option 1)


  • Thee activated seashell decks: one for Healing, one for Co-Creation/Manifestation, and one for Soul Empowerment.
  • 1-hr. digital mp3 recorded course on how to use the cards for best results.
  • 3 seashell booklets with the names and meanings of the 180+ shells pictured on the cards.


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3 Decks + Recorded Seashell Course + Private Activation Session (Option 2)


Includes everything in Option 1  plus the Empowerment Activations for the three master seashell spirals:

  • Healing Activation for enhanced healing.
  • Co-Creation Activation for enhanced manifestation of goals.
  • Knowing Soul Contracts Activation for enhanced soul empowerment.

The Three Empowerment Activations amplify the healing energies of all of the cards, making the energies 100x stronger than working with the cards alone.

Includes 1.5 hr. Activation Session 

by Zoom or by phone.


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*Elizabeth (Zabe) Barnes is neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues. Her sessions do not take the place of medical advice or treatment as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. You are solely responsible for seeking and following your own medical treatment and care.

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