Seashell Ascension Cards

Energetically Activated Tools for Transformation


These cards are like having a team of 30 Master Shamans to help you move fully into the energies of the new paradigm. They clear old, stuck energies and bring in new uplifting energies to support heightened levels of awareness and empowerment. The cards have a wisdom all their own; they always bring through exactly what you most need.

List of Ascension Shell Energies

Alchemy: Promotes etheric and subatomic transmutation and transmogrification.

Ancestral Support: Opens channels of support from deceased family members.

Angelic Army: Summons legions of angels for empowered support.

Beloved: Clears blocks to being loved; prepares you to meet your soul-mate.

Blessings: Bountiful blessings from the Divine.

Clearing Trauma: Clears energetic imprints of trauma from cellular memory.

Electromagnetic Harmonization: Balances electromagnetic energies; clears harmful effects of technology.

Empowered Heart: Keeps heart energies strong in the face of adversity.

Flow: Creates flow when energies are stuck.

Fractal Patterns: Shifts unwanted repeating patterns of thought and behavior.

Generator: Brings awareness that God's power through you is the ultimate Source of ALL you need.

Holy Trinity: Establishes connection through the Power of Three (Father God, Mother God, Holy Spirit).

Impact: Supports you in touching others deeply with your soul gifts.

Inner Parent: Heals the inner child by helping you become your own best mother and father.

Laser Focus: Clarifies thought so you can get to the point quickly.

Lost & Found: Helps you find yourself when you feel lost.

Neuro-Diversity: Nurtures full acceptance of atypical brain function.

Neuroplasticity: Shifts neural pathways to create new choices and new beliefs.

Powerful Gentleness: Creates strength through gentle being.

Receptivity: Opens one's ability to fully receive for highest good.

Reconciliation: Finds the sweet spot where polarized forces may unite.

Sacred Mystery: Allows total surrender to deepest mysteries.

Sovereignty: Establishes mastery over one's own energies, creating freedom from outside forces.

Spiritual Warrior: Imbues power to take a stand for the highest good.

Stability: Creates strong, balanced constancy.

Through Time: Past and future are healed in this now moment.

Transcendence: Fosters ability to rise to new levels of knowing and being.

Transformation: Creates easy change; transmutes negative energies.

How to Ascend with the Cards

A New Ascension Technology

Experience the Full Power of Activated Seashells . . . .

Gain Access to the Uplifting Power of Seashell Spirals Without Becoming a Seashell Collector!

Seashell spiral ascension energies are infused in the cards so you can receive the full benefits of seashell healing without actually collecting shells from the ocean! 

Through a special shamanic process, the cards have been energetically enhanced to amplify the energy of the seashell spirals they depict--more than one-hundred times for exponential healing.

This is not a simple divinatory deck; it is an advanced healing technology that is equivalent to having a  team of 30 advanced shamans in your hands--any time you want energetic support.

Work with a single card or with a few at a time. Place the cards on your body and receive a healing! Or place them face-up under your pillow and let them work on you while you sleep. Or wear them in a pouch throughout the day. Or gaze at the images on the cards and allow the spirals to work in you and through you. 

The cards complement other healing modalities and can be used in conjunction with other forms of energy healing. In the recorded master class which is included as a bonus when you order the Seashell Healing Cards, we explore best practices for using the cards, for self-healing and for facilitating healing for others.

This complete set of healing tools:

  • Is practical, handy, and easy to use.
  • Is a great way for healers to heal themselves.
  • Can be used for healing sessions with others and can be easily combined with other healing modalities.
  • Brings through 30 advanced healing energies.
  • Provides energies to support healing at all levels, connecting the higher dimensional planes to the here and now.
  • Is automatically self-cleansing so that you can use them on yourself and on others.

Anyone can learn to facilitate healing with these simple, powerful healing tools. They are a recommended tool for all healing practitioners as well as for anyone in search of healing and personal empowerment!


Includes 30  of the newest and most advanced energetically activated Seashell Cards in a lovely tin box, as well as instructions for getting best results with the cards.


*Elizabeth (Zabe) Barnes is neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues. Her sessions do not take the place of medical advice or treatment as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. You are solely responsible for seeking and following your own medical treatment and care.

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